Friday, February 16, 2018

Mi Vida Loca

Life has been crazy for a while. I got a new job in August in an assisted living, started out  working
at 8pm to 6 am 10 hour shifts for 4 days to get my 40 hours in, with 3 days off. Then I went back to school for my CMA Certified Medication Aide to pass medication. Now I still work at the same place, but now I work from 10 pm to 6am as a CMA. 
I have been busy with life and work and it seems life flies by. I was having to go to the library to use the computer because using my Kindle Fire was not cutting it. Now I bought me a HP Notebook so hopefully I can get back to what I love blogging and reading and such. 

Stay tuned for things to come.
Blessings and stay safe out there!!

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