Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Death of Herambe

I am so upset by the death of Herambe,
The gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo who was killed.
I am still confused on how that child got into the gorillas enclosure.
Where were the parents in all of this?
I mean come on now... This child is four years old, he should of been held onto by the hands and NOT let out of sight. 

I have four kids and have been to many zoo trips with them and I have held on to them or they were in strollers if real young.
I mean a zoo is supposed to be a fun and educational place,but also we live in a world today where people snatch kids up and do unthinkable things to them. We as parents are supposed to be more aware of where and what our kids are doing at all times.

This child gets into the gorilla enclosure and the gorilla being what it is an animal drags this child around, yes it is scary to see or watch... but agine it is an animal!
Then to supposedly save the child they shoot and kill this gorilla... really.....
Don't  get me wrong I am thankful the child is OK and safe, but to kill this animal  because of the  parents neglect to supervise their  child is outragous to me. 
Then to top it off the police are not charging the parents with neglect.... Oh come on....
I have heard of less serious things happening to a child and the parents being charged.

Does this gorilla have rights to it's life?

IT'S a sad world we live in today.

I pray that animals get justice. Their lives matter also.

Herambe's last day 

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