Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Love and I

This is my baby and the love of my life.
He is 23 years older then me but age is just a number.
We will be celebrating our one year anniversary on June 7th.
He is a loving, caring man. He treats me like a queen. We do not fight or argue. he does not call me names,degrade me or hit me.

I was married before to my ex husband for 25 years.
I have 4 children with him.
Things did not work out and the love I once had was no longer there.
We divorced in 2015.
My children stayed with their father, like I said we have 4 children.
My oldest girl is an adult she is 26, my son he is 18, my middle daughter is 16,
and my baby girl is 14.
They are upset about their dad and I divorcing and are upset and angry at me.
They feel I left them and abandoned them. I love my kids, I was tired of being unhappy and pretending that life was ok. I wanted to be in love again and happy.

I met George on Facebook, we both have Cherokee Indian in our bloodlines and we met in a group
for Cherokee people. We struck up conversations and chatted and discussed the language.
Somewhere along the way we fell in love with each other and things happened.
Yes, I was married when I fell in love with George, but as stated above I was not happy and I do believe my ex husband was in denial of our declining relationship.
I do believe we were both miserable and just going through the motions for our kids.
I left Indiana on April 2015 and moved to Kansas to be with George.

I do miss my kids and I do try to make amends with them, I know they are hurt and upset.
I have had many people tell me time will heal to let them come to me when they are ready.
I do stay in contact and do talk and write letters to them.

I am very happy with my love and we are always getting comments from people and strangers about how happy we look and how cute we are together. we have even had people call us teenagers...
I have never felt this way about anyone before.
He makes life worth living.

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